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Senior Sessions

There is no way to better commemorate your final year of high school or college quite like having senior portraits done. Doing senior photo sessions is my favorite part of my job. It allows me to be creative and unique, each session is tailored to and focused on the individual and their interests and style. It's my pleasure to document who you are throughout a fun day of photography together!


I aim to make your senior portraits an experience of a lifetime!


Why I love senior portraits

My love for senior portraits goes way back to the beginning of my business, when I was actually just a sophomore in high school. At the time, my cousin was a senior and her and two of her friends were the first people to ever pay me to do their senior photos. It was at those first few sessions that I knew that senior portraits were going to be my favorite part of my business. We got to adventure for locations, collaborate on outfits, and be as creative as we wanted - there truly was no limit on what we could do! Since then, I've photographed well over 100 high school seniors and many college graduates as well, and with each session I experience that same creative freedom that I did 8 years ago. With your senior photos, we have the opportunity to create images that will represent who you are in this moment of life. With a whole world of locations to choose from (I love traveling for senior sessions!) and the chance to use props that are important to you - such as a musical instrument, sports uniform, art supplies, or even your furry friends - your senior session will be a few hours of us having fun together that end in gorgeous portraits to share and cherish!

The Amaze Photography Senior Experience

Here at Amaze Photography, I offer multiple senior packages to ensure that your experience fits your needs perfectly - my Grad Package, Senior Experience Package, and Top of the Class Package.  Each one offers different options for locations and outfit choices so you can pick what is best for your senior portraits! Contact me to learn more about my packages and get started with the booking process.

If you're hoping for two senior sessions, ask me about adding on a mini session for a different time of year when you book your main session!
I cannot wait to collaborate with you to design and create the senior portraits you've always dreamt of having!



If you're ready to become an #AmazeSenior and start on your unforgettable senior portrait experience with me - yay! I'm so happy to have you!

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