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Senior Ambassador Program
My senior ambassador program is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences I have as a photographer every year. For each senior class, I select a few seniors from different schools in VA and WV to be a part of a team that gets to bond throughout their senior year, while also having the best senior photo experience I can offer and representing my business! 


Being an Amaze Ambassador is SO much more than just senior photos!

"I’m so glad I decided to sign up to be a senior ambassador for you! Probably the best decision I made for my senior year. I’ve loved every single one of my pictures you’ve taken, and the sessions are also a lot of fun too!! You’re just a fun person to be around and so kind. You make everyone’s pictures look unique in some way and get so creative during the sessions!"
- ShyAnna, Amaze Ambassador Class of 2022

The Amaze Ambassador Experience

I began my senior ambassador program in 2016 - my senior year of high school - because I knew that taking senior photos for my friends could be fun and beneficial in growing my business! I can honestly say I wasn't sure if it would be something that would be a success, as I can't guarantee success in any aspect of my business, but I decided to accept applications again the following year and each year since my team has grown and been so successful and fun! In the past two years, I'm happy to say that I now have team members in TWO states and I have had members from over TEN schools!


When you become an Amaze Ambassador, you're signing on for a year full of activities, photoshoots, team dinners, and so much more fun!

So let's talk about how it all works...

Applications open on March 1st of every year and stay open until April 1st. I will have more details about applying further down this page.

If you are selected, you will be notified by me and we will get started on our year together!

The summer before your senior year all of the ambassadors will get together for a meet and greet, where we will all meet up and do some group and individual photos. 

You will also get to select your date for your own individual session, for that you will get 3 locations of your choice and unlimited outfits choices. 

Throughout the year we will have the opportunity for different team activities together. I do different things each year but in the past we have done dinners, cookouts, Secret Santa, and even pool parties!

In May, we will meet together as a team again for your cap and gown and/or college acceptance photos. 

This is just a small rundown of what your year is like as an ambassador - I wouldn't want to include every aspect and leave no room for surprises!

At this point you are probably thinking to yourself...

"that sounds like fun Autumn, but what do I have to do?"

This is the easy part!

As an Amaze Ambassador you will receive 1/2 off of your individual session price. So you pay one time at a discounted rate for one session, but you receive a minimum of three sessions and gifts!

You have to have your parent/guardian give you permission to be on the team and agree to only use/represent my business throughout the year.

Your "job" is to tell people about me! Talk about your experience as an Amaze Ambassador, post your photos, hand out discount cards, read and share your very own feature on my blog, and truly take part and have fun in the things we do throughout the year. 

The #1 priority I have for my ambassadors each year is to love your ambassador team well, have fun, and be a good and positive representative of my business! 

Ready to join the team? Applications for my Class of 2024 Ambassador Program are NOW LIVE! 


Meet My Class of 2023 Ambassadors


Spotswood High School

Faves: The beach & pasta!
Loves: Shopping & spending time with her family and friends.
Hobbies: Playing volleyball & exercising.
Future: Avery will be attending West Virginia University and majoring in social media marketing!

Avery's feature blog post will be coming on December 4th!

Avery's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"The best advice I could give a young student is to consistently balance school and social life. Both aspects are crucial to blossoming as an individual."

East Rockingham High School 

Faves: Cheese pizza, banana ice cream, & The Bachelor
Loves: Spending time with her family at her grandparent's house!

Hobbies: Playing softball & traveling.
Future: Braxten has committed to play softball at Randolph College, where she will major in elementary education and minor in coaching!

Braxten's featured blog post will be coming on August 14th!

Braxten's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Enjoy your time and cherish every moment. Remember nobody will remember the little things. We are all trying to do our best and graduate. Love your family & friends, and be kind no matter what!"

Page County High School

Faves: Christmas & 4th of July, the color lavender
Loves: Animals & watching sunsets.
Hobbies: Cheerleading, fishing, and making art!
Future: Caleigh dreams of being a labor and delivery nurse & is currently working towards that goal by taking nursing classes at her local tech school!

Caleigh's featured blog post will be coming on March 12th!

Caleigh's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Be kind to others! Treat people the way you want to be treated, and remember high school is hard and a different transition."


East Rockingham High School

Faves: Thanksgiving & the color pink.
Loves: Her pet deer Larry!
Hobbies: Cheerleading, skiing, and snowboarding.
Future: Copper plans to attend a 4-year university in a pre-law program and then go on to attend law school!

Copper's featured blog post will be coming on January 15th!

Copper's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Strive in school and be friendly towards everyone no matter what!"


Turner Ashby High School

Faves: Ice cream and animals - especially dogs!
Loves: Shopping & going on spontaneous adventures.
Hobbies: Playing softball & fishing.
Future: Eva is working to become a CNA during her senior year. She has committed to play softball at Potomac State College and plans to become a registered nurse!

Eva's featured blog post will be coming on January 29th!

Eva's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Make the most of your time in school while you have it."


East Rockingham High School

Faves: Peach rings, the color yellow, and the movie Endless Love.
Loves: Drinking Dr. Pepper & modeling!
Hobbies: Playing volleyball & competing in pageants. 
Future: Jordyn hopes to go to college to be a special education teacher while pursuing photography on the side!

Jordyn's featured blog post will be coming on July 17th!

Jordyn's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Enjoy every moment, because they go by fast."


Turner Ashby High School

Faves: Dogs & summertime
Loves: Shopping and eating Mexican food!
Hobbies: Playing softball & hunting. 
Future: Katelyn has committed to play softball at Potomac State College, where she plans to major in animal sciences & minor in education!

Katelyn's featured blog post will be coming on January 1st!

Katelyn's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Do not take any moment for granted!"


Broadway High School

Faves: The colors pink & gold, mac & cheese, and pomegranates!
Loves: Reading and crocheting.
Hobbies: At school Makenna is involved in DECA, FBLA, and debate. She also is a camp counselor over the summer! 
Future: Makenna will attend UVA and plans to become either a surgical OBGYN or trauma surgeon!

Makenna's featured blog post will be coming on April 9th!

Makenna's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"The most important thing isn’t the things you learn in school but rather the things that are discovered through self-exploration. Curiosity does not “kill the cat” but rather builds interests and passion."


East Rockingham High School

Faves: Halloween and peach rings.
Loves: Education and the arts.
Hobbies: Riding horses, writing and theater!
Future: Natalee will attend Christopher Newport University. She hasn't decided on a major, but she would like to do something that aligns with her interests and hopes to have a home with a lot of land for her animals after college!

Natalee's featured blog post will be coming on February 12th!

Natalee's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"I would tell them to go with the flow, but don’t lose sight of what they like. With Covid, an extreme wrench was thrown into my 9th and 10th grade year, but rolling with it has led to opportunities, new friends, and other things."


East Rockingham High School

Faves: Christmas, summer, and the color yellow.
Loves: Working at a daycare!
Hobbies: Cheerleading.
Future: Reagan will be attending JMU!

Reagan's featured blog post will be coming on July 31st!

Reagan's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"Don’t let people be so judgmental, and have confidence!"


East Rockingham High School

Faves: Pastel colors, fruit and sushi!
Loves: Being artsy and doing crafts.
Hobbies: Playing sports, mainly basketball & volleyball.
Future: Summer would like to go to college to receive her Bachelor's degree in nursing!

Summer's featured blog post will be coming on March 26th!

Summer's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"I would tell them to enjoy every ounce of childhood and be the greatest person you can be. Always do the right thing and work hard."


Page County High School

Faves: The color yellow & sunsets.
Loves: Stargazing & spending time with her family, friends, and pets!
Hobbies: Cheerleading.
Future: Sydney hopes to be an ultrasound tech!

Sydney's featured blog post will be coming on April 23rd!

Sydney's advice she would give to a child entering school:
"To do everything they can, clubs, sports etc, because it all goes by fast."

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