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Hi, I'm Autumn


...and I want to tell you all about how a 15 year old girl in a small town made her dreams come true...

All my life I've been a dreamer. I was the kid with their head stuck in the clouds, millions of fantasies running through my mind, lives that I could lead and dreams that I could make come true. To this day, I'm still like that, but the difference between now and childhood is that when I was a sophomore in high school, I discovered which dream I truly wanted to come true. For a few years, I had always had a camera with me. A small point and shoot, but I would take it to family events, school, birthday parties and everywhere in between. I took photos of every moment, wanting to capture it all and keep it forever. When I was 14, my mom and aunt had taken notice to the fact that my photography was more than just casual, I had been learning and had potential as a professional photographer. They encouraged me to pursue this, and once I had that in my mind there was no going back. I got a job washing dishes in the cafe my mom worked at, and after 7 months of that I combined all of my earnings with money from my 15th birthday and bought a camera. 







my dream

Alongside my co-photographer (and bestie!) Kaity, I've turned dreams into reality. Not only do I own and run a successful photography business, I have recently moved to West Virginia and have expanded my business across 2 states. I love everything about living in the "wild & wonderful" especially the beauty this state has and all that it has offered to my business. I have worked with countless amazing people over the years, and realized that my love for capturing moments and keeping them forever is even better when I get to do so for other people! 


Even though my business is the biggest part of my isn't who I am completely. 

I strive to be more than just a face behind a camera for my customers. I've gained so many friendships through my photography, and I want anyone who meets me through my business to truly know who I am!

So here's a few fun things about me...because if you and I love the same things then working together will be an amazing time!


I have 6 younger siblings - they are my whole world! I definitely have "oldest sister syndrome" and act like their mom a lot, but at the end of the day they know I'm their best friend and biggest supporter too.


I am an adventure addict, and I believe that anything big or small can be an adventure. One time, Kaity and I went to Philadelphia to eat some cheesesteaks and ended up in Montana 3 days later - just because!


Not only do I love reading, (and I have the overcrowded bookshelf to prove it) I also love writing. I hope to one day write and publish my own book! I've started about 13..finishing them is what I'm still working on.


I'm a foodie! I eat out often (I'm also a bad cook) and love trying new places. I'm pretty dedicated to a few spots though - I love a good Cookout milkshake or bacon cheese fries from Glory Days!

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Tel: 540-271-4788

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