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Kaylee - BHS Class of 2021

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to my first blog post of June! I'm a little behind on this one, Kaylee is the last of my ambassadors to be featured in a blog post. I wanted to feature all of my ambassadors first, but she and I had this spring session planned out for a few weeks ago, and I had a feeling these photos would be the ones I would want to share in her #SeniorSunday Spotlight!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I've known Kaylee for a few years now, I met her through my other ambassador Alyssa when they cheered together. She was always so appreciative of the photos I took at their competitions, sharing them, and had told me before how much she loved my work. Those are three big qualities I look for when choosing ambassadors. Their main "job" is to advertise for my business, but it's my main job to make sure they love the photos they are sharing and the experiences we have together! I knew last year when I was making my selections that Kaylee would be great for my team, and our year together definitely proved that!

My ambassadors receive 3 senior sessions throughout the year, and Kaylee ended up only using one for her spring session and one for her prom session (which I loved!) We also got some amazing photos of her at my ambassador session. I normally take my ambassadors on a trip every year, but with covid last year we couldn't really do that. I was so upset that this years team wouldn't get to have that experience, but all of us made the most of it with a cookout and small photoshoot at a local park. I ended up loving the photos I got from that short session just as much as I have from big trips with ambassadors in the past! Kaylee is also always up for new pose ideas and is SO trusting in my vision, which is a high honor for me as a photographer. I feel that I can definitely achieve the best photos when my customer and I build a friendship and collaborate on their sessions together.

We started Kaylee's spring session at the school, where she wanted to do her cheer photos and cap and gown photos. Cheer is my favorite sport to photograph -both during competition and with portraits. I feel like there is so much freedom to posing and also a lot of prop ideas (I'm talking pom poms, megaphones, signs, footballs, and sometimes props that are more personalized for the senior!) Kaylee is also on Broadway's gymnastics team, which is a sports program I would love to see a lot more schools adopt in the near future. These photos also meant so much to me personally because Kaylee and I met through cheerleading, and after so many years of photographing her during competition it was high time we did a portraits session to capture her love for the sport! After leaving the field we went to the front of the school for cap and gown photos. Their were so many gorgeous trees blooming at the school, and it was such a warm and sunny day, all of which contributed to her cap and gown photos being probably my favorites I've ever taken!

We headed to Willow Spring Farm for her second location. I love the farm in any season, but the landscaping there truly shines in the springtime and definitely showed in Kaylee's photos! She had brought so many cute outfits, and I definitely wanted to fit them all in. I typically recommend for seniors to bring at least 3 outfits, because it offers a great variety for posting and printing and also gives you the chance to match different outfits to fit the locations you'll be in. At Willow Spring, it's easy to fit at least 3 outfits in because they have so much to offer. Kaylee did a red romper by the fence line, a pink romper by the purple flowers and garden area, and a green flowy pants and bandeau outfit for the swing, waterfall, and yellow wildflowers growing by the road. Scrolling through her gallery makes me so happy as I see the variety of color and how well each outfit went with the spot we were at. Immediately after her session I couldn't wait to get home and start sharing these photos! While most seniors do their sessions in the summer before school or in the fall, waiting for spring was so worth it for Kaylee's session. All of the beauty that spring time offers truly made these photos the best they could be!

Thanks for reading Kaylee's senior spotlight! I'll have some more Class of 2021 seniors featured next week, and we are only a few weeks away from the beginning of my Class of 2022 spotlights!

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