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Katelyn - ERHS Class of 2022

It's the last Sunday before school starts back up for a lot of the local areas, and I get to feature an amazing young girl on my blog today. Katelyn is a senior at East Rock, and I have had the privilege of knowing her for most of her life. We grew up in the same church and also spent plenty of time together at the ball field - her and her parents are actively involved in the little league that myself and my brothers played for!

When Katey first messaged me to set up her senior pictures she was so excited and ready to get in on my first available date! Fortunately I was able to get her in on the weekend before school starts, just in time for her to have beautiful photos to share on the first day. Her excitement definitely rubbed off on me as well, and in the midst of all of that I had to soak it in that she is actually a senior in high school - I remember when Katey was born! I have so many wonderful memories of us growing up in church and at the baseball field, always running around the concession stands or attending youth group together. I had to check my head for gray hairs as well, because it seemed absolutely impossible that I could remember Katey's childhood so well and now be capturing her final year of school. Thankfully, no gray hairs for me yet, just the chance to capture memories for people I have cared so much for for a very long time!

Katey had 3 gorgeous locations picked out for her session. We started at a waterfall in Dayton and then moved to a field in Shenandoah with the most gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and then went to a riverside farm to finish up her photos. We were racing the rain at each location; every time we were about to leave one place the skies would open up and it would start pouring down. At our last location it finally caught up to us, and we had to work through a persistent drizzle while standing in the river. Katey was all smiles though, and her photos in the rain turned out just as gorgeous as those we did when the sun was shining. I was so excited about her willingness to just go out and have fun in the rain! Her mom also brought along some of her baby onesies, photos from throughout her life, and softball jerseys to hang on a clothesline and take photos with. It was such a sweet personal touch to her session!

One of my favorite elements of Katey's session was her unique style! She loves vintage and thrifted clothing and brought along a ton of cute accessories to switch out and match each outfit. I really think I loved each outfit she changed into more than I did the last, and definitely realized I need to go shopping for more cardigans. It didn't matter what color scheme she was wearing or if it was a dress, shorts, leggings, or jeans and converse - she rocked every single outfit! I was so grateful to have been chosen to document her style and personality through her senior photos. I feel confident that we worked together so well and both left the session happy and excited! Katey's session was also only one of three senior sessions I had this weekend, on top of my brother getting married and an 18th birthday session I have today! I love having weekends jam packed with doing what I love and cannot wait to keep sharing on the blog!

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