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Justice - ERHS Class of 2021

I'm so happy to do a #SeniorSunday Spotlight today on Justice, a senior at East Rockingham High School. I've been photographing Justice for years now, and we did 2 senior sessions for her this year! After working with her for so long, it's definitely emotional to see her graduating high school, but I also hope to get to work with her in the future during her adult life as well!

From Summer to Summer - Documenting Justice's Senior Year

I began Justice's senior photos last summer when the sunflowers were in full bloom. These few last weeks of summer are very popular for senior photos, and with good reason. Everyone loves the sunflower fields, and it's still warm enough to enjoy getting in the water for some photos. Late August offers a lot of opportunity for me to be creative with senior portraits! Justice is a pageant girl, which is how we met, and so she wanted a "print model" look for these photos. She sported some black jean shorts and a bright yellow jacket for her first look, and the white with black polka dots flowy pants and tie-up shirt for her second. I remember it was hot out, and the sun was shining right down on us every minute, but we came out of her session with beautiful photos and a great start to her senior year!

For her second session, Justice did a cap and gown mini session - with a bit of a twist. She chose to do them in downtown Elkton. Usually downtown locations aren't popular for cap and gown photos, but paired with her ripped jeans, wedges, and bright red peplum top Justice looked gorgeous and fit right into the downtown vibes! We were blessed with yet again another gorgeous day, so the photos capture the blue skies above us and the sunshine we had that day. Downtown Elkton has grown and blossomed a lot since I was a senior in high school. (I actually did some of my own senior photos there!) Being that it's my hometown and I lived there for 21 years, I truly love seeing the transformation. You can feel the atmosphere and constantly see people enjoying shopping, coffee, ice cream, or some drinks at the local brewery. All of these things make it that much better for a photography session. When I'm photographing any area, you can almost feel the liveliness of it through the photos. I prefer to choose more urban locations when they are well maintained and frequently visited, which is more than true to say for Elkton! I was so happy that Justice had chosen this small, but beautiful, location for her final senior session with me. Now she graduates in just a few short weeks and will be moving on to the next chapter of her life! Good luck in all you do Justice, and I can't wait to have more fun times during our photoshoots in the future!

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