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Brooke - ERHS Class of 2021

Happy Sunday, and welcome to my very last Class of 2021 #SeniorSunday Spotlight. After this week, I'll be moving on to my Class of 2022 seniors, and I'll have a whole new year of fun and memories to share with you all! I saved a great girl for last though, Brooke recently graduated from East Rockingham High School, and after this summer break she will be headed to Christopher Newport College!

Faithful Companions & Photoshoot Mishaps

I have known Brooke's family for many years, her dad was my brothers high school football coach and so I knew her family from being around the football games all the time. She and I had never officially met though, even though I had seen her around and had heard her dad say so many great things about her! That alone had me so excited to get to work with her for her senior photos. We scheduled them for late in November, a little chilly but you can also still enjoy all of the fall colors. Brooke also brought along outfits that would go with any season, as well as her faithful companion - Sampson. Sampson is Brooke's leader dog, and one of the big reasons they waited until late fall to do her photos was so that he could be a part of them! He had coordinating bow ties to go with her outfits and was a spectacular model the entire time. Brooke also brought a book with her to incorporate into her senior photos, and I loved knowing that there was someone out there who loved reading enough to be photographed with books! By the end of our first location, I knew that Brooke and I were very similar which ensured we also worked well together.

Her first location was the arboretum, where we got more natural scenery before moving to downtown New Market for urban vibes in the background! That area has so much to offer, and therefore makes a great location to use for photos. We not only got a few candid shots of Brooke and Sampson together, we also found some cute store fronts and even house fronts for them to sit in front of. I think my favorite part of downtown locations is finding restaurants with outdoor seating and utilizing that in my sessions! Brooke's jumper, jean jacket, and converse pairing for an outfit was my favorite from the whole session. I have a similar style so I might be biased, but she rocked it! I'm so thankful she chose me to capture her senior photos, and for all of the fun we had while taking them! Brooke is pursuing a psychology degree at CNU starting in the fall, and I wish her the best of luck in all future endeavors!

This ends my very last Class of 2021 blog post. A happy ending to make way for a great beginning! I'll be back next week to tell everyone about my meet and greet with my Class of 2022 ambassador team!

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