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Brianna - TAHS Class of 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Happy Sunday! On Friday I had the pleasure of working with Brianna, a Turner Ashby senior who was referred to me by my ambassador Jordyn. She included so many things in her session to make it unique and personal to her - her sisters, dogs, car, and family land! I loved her level of involvement in planning and executing her photos, and it paid off in the end because I get to deliver photos that are 100% her!

Farms, Fences, and Fun

We started Brianna's session on her cousins farm, where there was plenty of land and different areas for us to utilize for her pictures. We were able to go from hay bales to barns to a beautiful bean field that looks like it rolls on forever in the photos! Inside and outside of the barns we also included her two sweet dogs Sadie and Sam, her cousins cows, an old tractor, and some photos with her sisters with props that Brianna made herself. I also loved her combo of this cute white dress and some teal cowboy boots. I always tell my seniors that it's the accessories that make the photo - jewelry, shoes, props - anything that can add in a little extra something to contribute to the overall look of the photo!

After the farm we went to Silver Lake Mill in Dayton. It's been very dry the past few weeks so the waterfall that is there wasn't as full and flowing as it normally is, but it provided us with some gorgeous photos regardless! We also timed this session perfectly, because the photos from the mill were right at golden hour and have that beautiful glow throughout. Brianna's sister Raelynn was ready at any moment to step into the spotlight, and loved following her big sissy around and being included in everything she was doing. Coming from someone who also has a younger sibling with a huge age gap, I completely understand and admire their relationship. I was happy to be able to include Raelynn in some of Brianna's senior photos!

We concluded her session splashing around in the water some and taking a few cute photos with her new car. I was so excited and blessed to capture Brianna's personality in our few hours together and to be able to give her these photos that I hope she cherishes forever! Brianna was my first Class of 2022 senior that wasn't on my ambassador team, which signifies another kick off of this years season of senior portraits! Next weekend I have 2 senior sessions, a 10 year vow renewal and a wedding scheduled, so not only will I be busy, I will have plenty of content to come back and share with the blog! I can't wait for everyone to continue reading about each day that I continue to live my dream and capture beautiful memories for amazing people!

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