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Brandy - PCMHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to this weeks #SeniorSunday Spotlight! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Brandy for her senior photos on her families farm in Pendleton County. The entire week had been rainy and dreary so Brandy and I were both hoping for a good day to do her senior photos, and after a small bout of rain in the afternoon everything cleared up for us! I'm so glad we had the evening to adventure around her families land and capture some gorgeous senior photos.

When I first arrived at Brandy's house rain started to pour down, but we could see that it would pass quickly so we started out with some photos on her front porch while we waited out the rain! Once it died down, Brandy took me to a spot near her house with a pretty and quaint little wooden cabin that made a beautiful backdrop for her photos. There were also yellow wildflowers lining the road and behind the cabin, and Brandy was happy to traipse through them with me which gave us gorgeous results! Brandy was so willing to go anywhere I managed to spot, whether it be a cute fence with small flowers growing up around it or the creek with just enough room for her to sit and splash around for some candid photos. She was climbing, twirling, crouching and going the extra mile for her session, and whenever a senior has that willingness it reflects back in their photos!

Brandy's step mom and her sister were also actively involved in her session, helping me as an extra set of eyes to make sure I wasn't missing any important details or good locations. They also helped us pick a huge bouquet of the yellow wildflowers because her step mom wanted to spell out "Class of 2022" with them, which ended up being a gorgeous photo and an extremely creative idea! I also was able to just get a sneak peek into Brandy's life by doing her photos at her house. I saw her dad and brother working around the farm and riding dirtbikes for fun in the evening, and I got to meet her 2 cute dogs and her cat who was in a few photos with her! One of my favorite things about living in West Virginia is that so many of my customers have the most beautiful properties to use for their sessions. You can't go wrong with a private location that provides mountain views and creeks to use for your senior photos!

We ended Brandy's session right at sunset, which gave the last set of her photos a warm orange glow throughout and a detailed view of the sky! Towards the end of her session was when we got to the more fun poses that I like to use for my senior sessions. I asked Brandy to do a dramatic walk towards me and she executed that perfectly! Arms swinging and swaying side to side with a big genuine laugh, and it made a beautiful photo. We also did a couple of different twirling photos which have quickly become my favorite pose to use for seniors. It is guaranteed to get anyone laughing quickly and adds motion to the photo for a candid result! I have recently been incorporating a new pose into a lot of my senior sessions, it is a serious close up pose where girls use their hands to frame their face. I stumbled upon this pose on accident and have kept it around due to how great the results are!

Thank you to Brandy for allowing me to capture your senior portraits and giving me the chance to explore more of this wild and wonderful state with you! I'm so happy to be able to feature her on the blog, and I am also happy to say I have had more senior sessions booked this year than ever before, so make sure to come back to the blog each week to read about the different seniors in our area! Have a great week!

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