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Allison - ERHS Class of 2022

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Happy Sunday! I'm excited to feature an amazing young woman in this week's #SeniorSunday spotlight. Allison is a senior at East Rock and came to me interested in senior photos after seeing the photos I did of her dance instructor, Jenna. Working with Allison makes it easy to tell that she is a dancer through and through. In between different poses or locations you could find her dancing and having fun. She easily elevated the mood throughout the entire session and made my job extra easy!

The morning of Allison's session it was raining, and I was worried we were going to have to call it. Sessions in the fall are particularly hard to reschedule due to my calendar being almost completely full, so Allison and her mom decided we should try it anyway, and thankfully it worked! The weather cleared up just in time when we arrived at our first location, which was the ever popular and loved JMU Arboretum. That location has been tried and true for me in my 8 (almost 9!) years of business and returning to it feels like home. I did one of my first ever senior sessions there, and I wasn't even a senior yet! Regardless of the morning rain, the arboretum came through and proved to be a great location yet again. Allison had some cute fall outfits to go with the scenery, as well as a super cute white dress that I loved, it fit her personality so well!

In between her breaks of dancing and making everyone laugh, Allison got down to business when it came to posing. Even if there was a pose she wasn't super confident with, she still made sure to give it a try - and rocked it every time. It's obvious in her photos that there was nothing to be nervous about, because she looks effortless and flawless in each one! After walking the paths of the arboretum and making sure to incorporate all of the beauty into Allison's photos, we moved on to her second location, the quad at JMU. Another favorite location of mine, I started shooting there at the recommendation of a client and decided to offer it full time. It's an amazing spot for any type of session, and I find that it gets used equally for seniors, couples, families, or pageant queens! The architecture combined with the fall colors came together for Allison's session and gave us plenty of beauty to work with!

The part of Allison's senior photos that was most important to her was her dance photos. Like I said earlier, Allison is a natural dancer, and it is a huge part of her life! Allison brought a dress in the perfect shade of Duke purple, as well as another outfit for her dance photos that I adored! When doing a session with a theme I prefer to go all out, so a solid leotard with a tutu was exactly what was needed to capture Allison's vision. She also had a Pinterest vision board, which helped me immensely, because when it comes to posing dancers, I'm clueless. That may be due to the fact that I can barely walk, let alone dance, but it's never something I have to worry about because the dancers have me covered! She made sure to execute amazing moves, sometimes over and over again for me to get the right shot, and in return I made sure I delivered amazing photos.

Allison is on track to furthering her education and dancing talent at a school for arts this coming fall. She told me she isn't sure which school that will be yet, but I have no doubt she will excel no matter where she goes! I'm thankful to have been able to work with her and to be able to give her her own feature on my blog. I can't wait to be back next week to share about another wonderful senior I've worked with!

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