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Vivian - ERHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome back to the blog and to another senior Sunday spotlight. Today I get to share with you all my session yesterday with Vivian, a senior at East Rockingham High School!

Fun & Fashionable

Yesterday evening, Vivian and I met at her mom's place of work - a landscaping business in Weyers Cave - to start off her senior photos. We had three locations picked out, and by the end of her session I couldn't decide which one had turned out to be my favorite. They were all so beautiful and matched Vivian's style perfectly. I loved the pristine look of the landscaping business, but also the natural look by the river at Wildwood Park and the urban look right at sunset in downtown Dayton. My favorite part of it all though? Vivian brought so many gorgeous outfits that went perfectly with each location! I always encourage my seniors to bring a lot of outfits to their sessions, because even if we only end up capturing a few photos in each outfit it offers a lot of variety to choose from when posting and printing the photos. My favorite of her outfits was the one pictured above, because it complimented her eyes and skin tone so well and looked great with the outfit her boyfriend had brought so we could capture some photos of them together!

Even though we did have to deal with a little bit of rain at our session towards the beginning, there were so many beautiful touches of spring at each location that you can't even tell it was sprinkling in a lot of the photos. Everywhere we went we were able to spot sprouts of flowers on the ground or trees that were blooming and incorporate them into Vivian's photos. When she initially reached out to me to book her photos she told me she knew that these were going to be last minute since she's so close to graduation, but I feel like she picked the perfect time to do them! She brought along her family, her sweet dog Nala, and her dad's beautiful car to take some photos with, and it means so much to me as a photographer when my seniors bring along props that they love and their family to support them. That's what helps me use my artistic eye to make senior photos that are unique to each individual and showcase who they really are! Another big highlight of this session that had me doing heart eyes in real life was that Viv chose her first outfit to be a pair of jean shorts and a yellow top, and she did that so that she could recreate her moms own senior photos with her dog. They truly looked like twins and I love the aspect of recreating photos from different generations! Viv shared with me how she'll be getting her certification as an esthetician after high school and pursuing her dream career through that, which I can tell fits who she is as a person perfectly - I have no doubt she'll have a very successful career!

Thanks for joining me again for another Sunday as I continue to spotlight the amazing seniors I get to work with throughout the year. Next week, I'll be doing another senior spotlight, but it will have a few different aspects than usual and I am SO excited for everyone to read about it. Have a good week!

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