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ShyAnna - PCMHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday! I'll be featuring ShyAnna on my blog this week. She is a senior at PCHS and we met when she was only a freshman - when my good friend told me that he wanted to ask her out and I responded with "ok, but that means that I get to have her on my ambassador team when she's a senior." He laughed at me because I was kind of jumping the gun there, but not only are they still happily together, she is now a senior and part of my Class of 2022 ambassador team. I love it when a story has a good happy ending, and I'm excited to share more about ShyAnna with you all today.

ShyAnna and I started our year of working together at the ambassador meet and greet that took place last June. I'm convinced that these photos will be talked about and loved for a very long time, because as soon as I posted them my ambassadors were sharing and everyone was liking them and leaving such kind comments! I still look at them and just remember how excited I was that I was able to deliver these 6 amazing young women photos that they were so happy with. I was also so happy that they had immediately began forming a friendship with one another. It is always my goal for my ambassadors to be friends, but this year they have taken to each other like a family! We are doing a secret Santa this year and I would be lying if I said it hasn't been one of the coolest "behind the scenes" thing we have done. Getting to organize the entire thing has already been fun so I can only imagine how great it is going to be when we all get together next weekend and they exchange their gifts! ShyAnna and all of my ambassadors have just gone above and beyond this year to be extremely active within the team. Loving and supporting each other even when it might have nothing to do with photography! My ambassadors always end up with the longest blog posts because I get the opportunity to talk about who they are as a person, the things we do together at sessions, AND the behind the scenes details of what it is like to be an #AmazeAmbassador! ShyAnna brought 3 super cute outfits to wear during the meet and greet photos, and a few of my favorite pictures were of her laughing and having fun in the cute swing they have at Willow Spring Farm!

I could probably write an entire book about ShyAnna's second session - her summer session. I am really going to try to not do that though! She lives in a beautiful home nestled in the mountains and her family owns land all around their home. She told me she had a favorite spot there that she wanted to go to for her senior pictures and I was all for it. The first time we had scheduled to do these, when I arrived at her house it immediately began pouring down rain so we had to reschedule. Honestly, it might have been for the best that we did, because we could not have asked for a better day. We rode her side-by-side way up the mountain to a spot with a field and a huge tree that just overlooked everything. I immediately knew that this was the perfect location for her photos. Armed and ready with all of the arsenal we could find (aka a few blankets, chairs, and wall hangings from ShyAnna's house, as well as her dog Ollie) we spent a few hours up in the mountains taking these! It was the type of session that reminds me that photographers are absolutely artists, because the visions, planning, and execution it took to create the wonderful photos we did truly felt like a work of art.

It's funny how the world has to balance itself out though, because ShyAnna's summer session fell together like a beautiful masterpiece and her fall session just fell. It's funny to word it that way, but when I explain it then all of it sudden it makes perfect sense. The leaves were falling, the temperatures were falling, and at the very end of her session I managed to fall in the river! I'm fortunate my camera was fine, but here I was soaking wet, drying off my bag and checking my equipment while poor ShyAnna was freezing beside me in the middle of the woods. I'll be completely honest, most of my sessions are almost always exactly like this one - I have a beautiful, well executed session planned out in my mind but things never go quite perfectly. I believe that it is because of these unexpected changes or things that might happen during the session that helps create the beautiful results! In order to take the photo that I posted above at ShyAnna's fall session, we had to cross the river to get to a shady area. It was freezing cold, and the river was way higher than it normally was so we had to hop rocks to get over there. Because of that I ended up falling on the way back, but if I hadn't taken the risk of falling I never would have gotten the photos I did. It sounds like a motivational speech sometimes, but every session true does teach me something important. Most of all I am thankful for all of my customers who stick around through all of the craziness just because they know eventually, we'll get to the good part!

Thank you to ShyAnna for being such an amazing ambassador and overall, just an amazing person! I love working with you and cannot wait to see all of my ambassadors together for secret Santa next week!

Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog (I'll give a shoutout to my mom this week - she's the most loyal reader I have!) Come back next week for another feature on my ambassador Hailey!

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