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Hannah & Ryleigh - PCMHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Happy Monday! While I try very hard to not be late on things, this past weekend my friends and I went to Charleston, South Carolina to do some of their senior photos and have a mini vacation, so I decided to hold off on my blog post until today. Fortunately, I now have an abundance of beautiful photos from this trip to share with you all. Today's blog post is going to be shared between two gorgeous ladies who have been friends since elementary school. Hannah and Ryleigh are amazing girls and friends to each other and to me, doing their photos was a breeze and so much fun!

Road Trips & Sunrise on the Beach

I have been working on scheduling senior photos for Ryleigh and Hannah since last fall, but Hannah and I actually worked together and we always worked opposite days so it never panned out. Since this past week was my last day at that job and I'm now doing photography full time again (yay!) Hannah was able to join in on our trip to Charleston and with some convincing, Ryleigh decided to come down with us too.

I knew we were going to have to pack a lot into a short weekend, so we drove through the night on Friday and immediately went to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens as soon as we arrived in Charleston on Saturday morning. After about 30 minutes of walking the gardens and taking photos, it started pouring down rain and we had to cut things short. We were still able to get some great photos in that short time though! We decided to spend the rest of the day just exploring Charleston and relaxing since we were all tired from the car ride. We had a great dinner at the Charleston Crab House and explored the shops downtown before retiring to our hotel to get ready for another jam packed day on Sunday.

Sunday morning we set our alarms to get up bright and early in order to catch the sunrise on the beach. We were all ready to go and as soon as we went to pull out of the hotel parking lot we realized my tire was completely flat. I knew this was going to make us miss sunrise and so in order to avoid going crazy (lol) I did what I always do when I'm in trouble - called my mom. She helped me get it fixed up and we made it to Sullivan's Island with enough time to get amazing sunrise photos! The island is such a beautiful area, so after hitting the beach we went back out to the main street which was lined with gorgeous houses that had white fences and blooming flowers lining the sidewalk. We stopped there to grab some more photos before finally heading to downtown Charleston for our final location!

Our last stop for photos was Rainbow Row, one of my favorite spots in Charleston and definitely a favorite for anyone visiting. Ryleigh and Hannah both had perfect outfits picked out that complimented the colors of the buildings so well. We were enjoying the scenery just as much as we were actually taking photos while we were down there, and we got to see so many cool hidden spots along the side of the roads that we used as backdrops for their photos! As much as I love the mountains and the gorgeous scenery of home, it is refreshing and so much fun to travel sometimes and get to view different areas of this world threw the lens of my camera. After finishing up their photos and enjoying that feeling of a very successful session, we grabbed lunch at a cute café and then went to the aquarium where we got to feed sting rays and see dolphins swimming from a great viewing area. This weekend couldn't have gone any better!

We spent some time relaxing on the beach before making the 8 hour drive back home, and I couldn't wait to start working on these photos and to get this blog post up to share our weekend with everyone. Thanks for reading this week and I'll be back again on Sunday with another senior spotlight!

Have a great week!

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