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Pitsenbarger Wedding - 05/22/21

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am SO excited to be sharing my first ever blog post for a wedding! In the past I have showcased the weddings Kaity and I photograph through Facebook albums, but while pictures do tell a story, anyone who knows me knows I am a woman of many words and I love to share my photos with the stories that accompany them. This time I'll be showcasing a wedding we did just yesterday - Heather and Brian's.

A Riverside Happily Ever After

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a wedding, and Kaity and I were so happy to join in on Heather and Brian's big day. We arrived in the early afternoon to photograph their first look, and even though we don't often do first looks it was so sweet to see them share a personal moment before Heather walked down the aisle! She had a beautiful dress that flowed behind her and Brian waited patiently overlooking the river while she came to see her husband-to-be for the first time that day. Their 5 daughters also joined us and after Brian and Heather had seen each other we captured some beautiful family portraits of them!

Heather's oldest daughter Olivia was her Maid of Honor and took that roll on so well, she was helpful throughout the entire day and took a big part in helping us organize the first look! Her youngest, Savannah, was their flower girl, and she was so precious throughout the ceremony and a true crowd pleaser at the reception. She was making sure everyone had drinks and dancing and talking with all of us the entire time. Khloe, Jasmine, and Taylor stood up at the altar with their parents and were full of smiles and happiness all day long. We got to photograph the ceremony while the river flowed behind them, and document Heather and Brian saying their vows, braiding their cord of three strands, and sharing their first kiss as husband and wife!

After their ceremony we headed to the reception area, where they started out by sharing their first dance, and then Heather danced with her siblings during a beautiful song that they played in memory of her father, and Brian danced with his mother. We all took part in a delicious meal and cake afterwards! Heather and Brian drank champagne and did the garter and bouquet toss - and then it was time for dancing! Heather and her brother-in-law took the dance floor with the kids surrounding them and showed them how to do the Cha-Cha slide. It was time for Kaity and I to congratulate the new married couple and head out, but we definitely got a few great shots of everyone enjoying the dance floor at the reception first! I'm so happy we were able to be a part of this and capture some gorgeous memories for Heather, Brian, and their families. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pitsenbarger!

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