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Mia - HHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Since graduation is coming in fast, for the next few weeks I may be doing 2 blog posts on Sunday's to ensure that all of my seniors get a chance to be featured on the blog. This Sunday I'm featuring Mia, a cousin of mine who came to me a few weeks ago to do her senior photos, and knew exactly what she wanted them to look like. We had an amazing time together capturing these photos, and I've been excited to share this post with you all since we did her session!

From Urban to Nature - Mia's Personality Shined Through

I was so excited when I arrived at Mia's session and realized she had a vision for exactly how she wanted her senior photos to be. She already had a few specific spots picked out in downtown Harrisonburg and outfits that matched her style and the location so well! We started out around court square, and got a few great shots by the murals painted on the walls and near some restaurants. She also wanted some photos inside Bella Gelato, so she purchased her gelato and we got amazing photos of her enjoying it from the tables both inside and outside. I even had a nice embarrassing moment where I was outside and she was inside, and I loudly told her to cross her legs without realizing there were people sitting right beside me. They looked at me like I was crazy because it definitely sounded like I was telling them to cross their legs, but they laughed with us about it once I explained what I was doing, and then they stood outside the window making funny faces to get genuine laughs from Mia in her photos!

One of the most important photos to Mia was the one pictured here outside of the Agora Downtown Market, because she loves the hanging lights they have and how cute this little alley way is. Harrisonburg has it's fair share of hidden gems that are perfect for photographing, and being a Harrisonburg native Mia knew about them all!

We went from downtown Harrisonburg to one of my favorite locations, Willow Spring Farm. This is where I do all of my Christmas Minis and Spring Minis, and Mia had just been there with me when I did our own family photos a few weeks before her session. It's a gorgeous location for any type of session, but I've found recently that I really enjoy photographing senior and couples there! We did a few photos in her cap and gown and also a few in a casual outfit of jeans and a tank top, where I got photos that I love of her in the field across the road surrounded by yellow and pink flowers. Willow Spring has a cute swing hanging from one of their trees and also a hammock hanging up by the pond, and we utilized both of those in her photos! The ones of Mia in the hammock turned out to be my favorite photos from her entire session.

Mia mastered every pose I gave her and also threw in a few of her own unique poses. My goal for every senior session is to ensure that the photos are the best possible representation of who I'm photographing, and I definitely feel like I accomplished that with Mia! She has such a funny side and is always smiling and coming up with ideas that I loved. I had so much fun just in the few short hours we were together doing her photos. Her sister will be a senior in a few years and I'm hoping to get to work with her then as well! I have one more Class of 2021 senior session today, and then I will be beginning my Class of 2022 senior sessions! I am so excited for another year of amazing seniors and the opportunities I get to document this big year of their lives. Happy Sunday and have a great week everyone!

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