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McKenna - PCMHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday! This week I'm featuring McKenna, a senior here in my town of Franklin who joined my ambassador team this year. She was recommended to my team by a few of our mutual friends and showed up to our meet and greet ready for a year full of fun and great photos! I am so happy with how active she is with the team and how easy going she is with the other ambassadors as well as in front of the camera. Her photos are a beautiful reflection of who she is!

Birthday Blog Celebrations

Today is McKenna's birthday! When we scheduled her first individual session for yesterday and told me that today is her birthday I got so excited to begin planning some gorgeous birthday and senior photos for her. We went to my favorite sunflower field in Dayton last night as well as the beautiful waterfall by Silver Lake Mill to do her photos. I believe there is no better way to celebrate than to share her photos and a story about our experiences working together on my blog! When I was about to begin ambassador applications I knew I wanted and needed ambassadors in West Virginia because I am still in the early stages of growing my business in this area. I have a few friends still in the high school or recently graduated so I asked them to recommend to me a few girls I could reach out to to see if they wanted to apply. Of all the people recommended to me McKenna stood out immediately, I loved her style and social media presence so I reached out to her and instantly made a connection! I was so excited that she decided to apply and knowing that she was friends with my other PenCo ambassador ShyAnna was an amazing bonus. We discussed the upcoming year back and forth in the few months leading up to the meet and greet and McKenna even brought along a super cute romper that I had seen on her instagram and absolutely loved!

McKenna began her "job" as an ambassador before we even met and started taking photos. She was active on social media, sharing my posts and even sharing her welcome gift that all of the ambassadors received in the mail when they were chosen. She validated me in my love for putting cute stickers on everything and was so appreciative of all of the things that are done for my ambassador team, which brought so much joy to my heart! I spend so much time in the months leading up to the start of my ambassador team planning each thing we do down to the detail - from welcome gifts to t-shirts and writing out 60 discount cards for my ambassadors to have. The only hope that I can have is that all of my hard work ensures that my ambassadors have the most amazing experience with me as their photographer! They put in so much work for me and deserve the best for their senior year!

McKenna and I still have so many opportunities and

fun times ahead of us for the remainder of this year, and I'm

still hoping I might be able to convince her to bring her prom dress from last year to a session because I love it so much! She

also has such a bright future ahead as she hopes to got to West Virginia University to enter the medical field, of course after her final year of taking part in cheerleading, track and FFA at her high school. McKenna reminded me so much of myself in her application, as her words of encouragement spoke mostly of taking the path less traveled, trying new things and enjoying the time you spend with other people but not letting it define who you are. My favorite thing she said in her application was "I want to be a leader and role model to show others that no matter what comes at you, if you just take everyone else's opinion with a grain of salt, keep your head held high, and never give up it will get better and you will be able to succeed in life." I believe that those words of advice can be beneficial for everyone!

Thanks so much for reading this week and thank you to McKenna for being an amazing ambassador! You can head over to my instagram as well to wish McKenna a big happy birthday! I will be back next week with another senior spotlight, featuring an amazing young woman from our local high schools. Have a great week everyone!

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