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Marissa - PCHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone reading has had a fantastic week and thank you for joining me for this weeks #SeniorSunday Spotlight. The spotlight is on Marissa this week, a senior at Page County High School who chose me to do her senior photos at one of this years most popular and gorgeous locations - Willow Spring Farm.

I had spoken with Marissa's mom at the beginning of the summer about her senior photos but we had never secured a date. Then the week before school started she reached out to me and asked if I had any openings that week. I already had 2 senior sessions, an 18th birthday session, and my brothers wedding that weekend but I was determined to fit Marissa into my schedule so we could get her senior photos done before she had to go back to school for the start of her senior year! So we booked her session for immediately after my brothers wedding on a Friday evening. It was calling for rain and did rain all morning, but I was pretty motivated by my senior session the day before where it had rained most of the time, so I had a feeling we could make it work and decided not to reschedule. It was a great decision too, because not only did it not rain at all during our session, the sun was shining and we had gorgeous lighting!

I've always said this and I'm sure I'll repeat it in the future, but my favorite thing about every senior session is how unique it is. No two senior sessions are ever the same, I get to experience so many different types of people with different personalities, preferences, and styles. Such was the case with Marissa, who's mom had asked me to help them pick out some outfits and was feeling unsure about this cheetah dress Marissa had picked out. I told them to bring it along with a few casual outfits to choose from, and it ended up being my favorite outfit she wore! The color and print went so well with the lighting from the sunset and Marissa paired it with black booties and a black hat - if you read the blog every week you know I could go on and on about accessories at a senior session and hats are some of my favorite accessories! Not only did I love this outfit, I felt like it was the perfect balance between Marissa's other two outfits, which were casual cute jeans with a white t-shirt and pink tank top. An amazing trifecta of summer outfits for a senior session! These gorgeous outfits were only a small portion of what made Marissa's photos so beautiful. Her fun personality took over the entire session as she was happy to try any of my poses and sometimes knew what I was asking her to do before I even said it. We worked together so well and it made for an amazing session!

Since Marissa's session was only one location (she's also wanting to do a fall and spring session - so one location at each is perfect) that meant that we got the perfect golden hour glow throughout the entire time. We were also at the farm during the time that their sunflowers and a lot of other yellow or orange flowers were blooming, which meant they were glowing right alongside Marissa in all of her photos. Coming home from this session I felt so fulfilled and excited to share the photos with Marissa! I got to post her preview the next morning and her family and friends were showing her SO much love on all of her photos which filled my heart with joy! It's absolutely important to me that I feel satisfied with the photos I take, because I want to be delivering my absolute best work to each customer no matter what, but seeing my customers and even their friends and family happy with their photos is the most important thing for me! Senior photos are such a big deal, and one of the main reasons I specialize in them is because I realize they are an important milestone in someone's life, so I want to ensure that I leave each senior girl or guy with photos that they can look back on decades from now and reminisce about their senior year. I hope such was the case with Marissa's photos, because I had such a great time working with her to take them!

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