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Lynnea - ERHS Class of 2021

Happy Sunday and welcome back! I'll once again be sharing two blog posts this Sunday in order to feature all of my seniors, and this first one puts the spotlight on Lynnea, a senior at ERHS. It's also another throwback post to the fall, where we did some casual photos of Lynnea and also her cheerleading photos on the football field!

Pumpkins and Pom-Poms

Lynnea did a very short and sweet session in the fall. She only wanted one location and she knew she wanted to do cheerleading photos, so we decided to do them at East Rock. I wanted to find a way for her to incorporate a casual outfit into her session as well, and since it was the middle of fall she brought some super cute pumpkins and gourds to do her photos with! We actually ended up doing these on the practice football field. You wouldn't know it just from looking at them, but the field is well maintained with a gorgeous view of the mountains. It's perfect for any senior who wants to do one location and incorporate sports, cap and gown, and casual photos - this goes for any local school as well. They all have spots that can be used for a casual outfit, normally with great mountain views! Lynnea brought two super cute sweaters to wear, and we were stacking and rearranging pumpkins with every shot to get cute fall photos.

We went from the practice football field to the actual football field to do her cheer photos. I love taking cheer photos - both on and off the mat - and these were even more unique because Lynnea decided to do them in a casual outfit instead of her uniform! She paired jeans and booties with her East Rock cheer sweater (which was super cute and she looked so comfy) and we brought her pom poms along for the photos. I've never done a cheer session with an outfit like that before, but I loved the photos so much I definitely encourage my seniors now to bring along a casual sports outfit to include as well as their uniform. We got the best shots from this session up on the bleachers, which I love doing because you can incorporate the steps and the fence into so many unique poses and angles.

Lynnea is such a sweet girl, who actually came to me for her photos because she is my brothers coworker and he recommended me. Every time I go to where she works she greets me with a smile and has a funny story to tell about him, I love seeing her out and about as much as I loved working with her in the fall! I hope she has so much fun and success in her life after high school. I know whatever she does and wherever she goes, she'll be spreading happiness and always have great stories to tell!

Exactly 2 weeks from today I will be meeting with my ambassador team to begin their senior photos. I have been planning and anticipating this for so long, and it's almost time for the Class of 2022 to take the spotlight! I already have 6 amazing seniors on my team, and I know I'll be photographing more as well and have plenty of great stories to share on the blog. I can't wait!

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