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Logan - TAHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday and welcome to my first #SeniorSunday Spotlight for a senior guy this year! Logan is a senior at Turner Ashby High School and was recommended to me by the family of one of my senior ambassadors from last year, Madison. He and his family were very involved in his senior photos and wanted to ensure that they included all of the things that are important to him, so together we made that happen!

We started Logan's session out at his house, where his family has a small farm. His mother grows gorgeous flowers in a backyard garden and sells floral arrangements, and they also have chickens which definitely wanted to model in his photos! You can see a few of them throughout his photos in the background, doing their part to make his senior photos truly authentic. One of my favorite things about Logan's session was that they automatically knew where they wanted to do his photos, and each location meant something to Logan personally! It was an added perk that all of the locations were gorgeous, and offered a lot of variety throughout the session. His family was also included in a few of his photos, and his mom had me recreate some photos that they had done as a family when Logan and his brother were younger. I loved doing that and hope they look amazing printed and hanging on their walls!

Logan's other locations were the river that he spends a lot of time fishing at and the families hunting land, where he hunts in the fall with his dad. We were able to take photos at the exact spot that he caught his first fish as well as with his fishing pole and bow! He had a very simple vision that we were able to execute: photos with the things he loves the most. Going through his photos and seeing his family, hunting and fishing equipment, and outfits to match each thing was such a sweet thing! I encourage all of my customers to bring things important to them, and with my senior guys I get a lot of sports equipment, dogs, hunting and fishing equipment, and cars. Each of those things are wonderful additions to anyone's senior photos! Logan definitely understood the assignment here, and I think anyone who gets to see his senior photos will have a great understanding of who he is.

I want to say thank you again to Logan and his family for giving me the opportunity to work with them and for also being so actively involved and excited for his senior photos! As long as everyone participating is enjoying themselves, the photos are guaranteed to turn out amazing. Have a great week everyone!

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