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Keira - PCMHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday and thanks for joining me for this week's #SeniorSunday spotlight! I'll be featuring Keira this week, a senior in Pendleton County who was referred to me by my ambassador McKenna. Keira's session was actually back on October 21st, but since October is my busiest month of the year, I had to push some blog posts out a little bit later to make sure I could fit everyone in for their spotlight!

Keira chose 3 locations throughout Pendleton County to do her senior photos at. Since I haven't lived her very long, I don't have a huge list of local spots to go to during sessions, but the few that I do have never disappoint! Even when we got to her first location and realized that part of it was undergoing construction, we made the best of it and used what we had to get the best photos we could while we were there. I loved Keira's first outfit and the vintage + fall vibes that it gave off so much! This was also when the leaves in WV were hitting peak color, so after almost the entire month of October still being warm and green this felt like a true fall session. That wasn't stopping us from taking advantage of the fact that it was still warm out, though, and for Keira's next outfit and location we did some playing in the river!

Her second location is one of my all-time favorites to go to. I have friends who live in Highland County and I would drive the same route every week to go visit. I saw that there was a spot on the side of the road where the rocks were like stair steps and created a beautiful little waterfall, not too tucked away but also not very noticeable unless you are really paying attention! I did a senior session there last year with one of my first PenCo seniors, and it garnered enough attention for me to add it as a location. I knew when Keira selected it, we were going to have to wait until the day of to see how the weather was, because some of the best shots there have to be taken standing in the river. Fortunately for us it was warm enough that we could get in and do some photos with a full view of the waterfall behind us! There were also a few other spots along the road that we took advantage of for the beautiful views they had to offer.

For her last location she selected downtown Franklin. Even though Franklin doesn't look like a whole lot at first, it still has a lot to offer when it comes to photography! I also loved this location for Keira because I felt like it was truly when she showed off her personality the most. Her vintage styled outfit with beautiful embroidery on her jeans reflected what she had described to me as her "70s alternative" fashion sense perfectly. She also decided to throw her gorgeous long blonde hair up into her "signature bun" for a few photos. Not too many senior girls want to take any photos with their hair up, but she said she felt like those would be the ones that reflected her the most! We also stopped at a little spot by the river to take pictures with her truck, and I loved those. There's no doubt in my mind that all of those photos show off who Keira truly is in the best way possible!

Having more and more PenCo seniors coming to me for their senior photos is such a blessing and gives me a great opportunity to expand my business close to my home, which is a huge goal of mine! I'm thankful that Keira entrusted her senior photos to me, and I definitely hope she had as much fun taking them as I did. Thank you to everyone for reading my blog this week, and check back next Sunday to meet another #AmazeSenior. Stay amazing!

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