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Kaitlyn - PCHS Class of 2021

Welcome back to another blog post and another spotlight on a local senior! Kaitlyn is a senior from Page County, and we did her senior photos very close to graduation for her. She chose to do them alongside Naked Creek, which runs directly between Elkton and Shenandoah and provides a perfect location for senior photos!

Sunset Riverside Senior Photos

We began Kaitlyn's photos with some cap and gown shots by the river. Normally, I do cap and gown sessions at the school, but since she does online homeschooling we opted to do them at the same location as her other outfits. It was such a nice change of scene and allowed us a lot of creative freedom to incorporate her cap and gown into everything the location had to offer! Her cap was decorated "Clueless" themed and we did some photos along the fence line as well as in front of the wildflowers sprouting up along the side of the road. We made sure to do her session right at sunset so the lighting was perfect in every photo. Kaitlyn had brought along 2 outfits and allowed me complete creative control to make sure these photos would turn out to be some that she loved!

We did the rest of Kaitlyn's photos right beside the river. She got in for a few of them and I got my every favorite river photo - where she kicks water straight to my camera. The first time I got soaking wet and poor Kaitlyn felt so bad, but I assured her it was the perfect shot and my job would be less fun if I didn't have to wade through the river, get splashed, or lay down in the dirt sometimes! We also found a few spots where the grass was gorgeous and lush, and a few others with flowers sprouting up between the rocks. It was a beautiful day, the lighting was perfect, and that caused the colors to pop in every single photo. Kaitlyn did so well with every idea, and even threw in her own idea to go to the over side of the river where there was a log for her to sit on. The whole session only took us about an hour, but even though it was quick we got every photo we could need from this session! Thanks to Kaitlyn for entrusting me with her photos and coming out to have fun taking them!

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