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Introducing the Class of 2024 Amaze Ambassadors!

Happy Sunday and welcome back y'all! I have taken a bit of a blog break and during that time I have been transitioning my business from class of 2023 sessions to welcoming the class of 2024! The way that I kick that off every year is by welcome a brand new team of Amaze Ambassadors, and this year is bigger than ever. I have FIFTEEN ambassadors, which is completely mind blowing and fantastic and all the things! I could talk about our meet & greet event all day long, but I am going to keep this short & sweet and let their stunning photos do most of the talking. Y'all help me welcome the class of 2024 Amaze Ambassadors!

Our year together started way back in the beginning of April, when I surprised each girl at their home or job with flowers, a welcome box, and a really big sign to let them know that they had been selected to represent my business during their senior year! I had 30 applications this year, which was such a compliment and SO difficult at the same time because I knew I couldn't accept 30 girls. Selecting my team is always the hardest part of every year, but they never disappoint, and I always hope that those that didn't get selected will still want to take part in the Amaze Photography senior experience!

After the girls found out they were on the team, they had to finish out their junior year and let the anticipation build up for our meet and greet event in June! I managed to stay busy during this time doing grad sessions for the Class of 2023! (And I fit in a much needed vacation the first week of June.)

Finally, it was time for our meet and greet! This year, I did things a little bit differently and we met up at Smiley's Ice Cream to have some sweet treats together and get to know one another a little bit better before we started their first round of senior photo! We played some games, and the girls received their Amaze Photography t-shirts (thank you, Embracing Fire Designs!) as well as a few other gifts such as a super cute daisy claw clip and a frosted glass tumbler with senior affirmations on it.

The behind the scenes photos from the meet and greet show how much fun we were all having, but they can't even compare to the final results.

After Smiley's, we went to a local park to take their brand photos in their new t-shirts. This is one of my favorite parts of the meet and greet because they all get to model together for the first time! It was HOT, but the results were so beautiful!

We then went to Point of View Alpaca & Lavendar Farm for the rest of our photos. What the girls didn't know is that the farm was going to allow their alpaca to be in the photos with them! I love animals so much and I think this part was just as much fun for me as it was for them! Not only that, but the lavender was absolutely gorgeous and in the middle of full bloom. We could not have asked for better circumstances!

You can also view shoutouts for each of my ambassadors on my website on the Amaze Ambassador page, and they each have their own blog post coming in the future!

Once again, I want to think Smiley's Ice Cream, Point of View Alpaca Farm, and Embracing Fire Designs for being such a big part of this year's meet & greet. These are all local businesses so if you get the chance to support them, they are so well deserving! Also yes, you can walk the alpacas at POV Farms :)

Here's to another amazing year with a great group of seniors! I can't wait to capture and share more gorgeous photos of the Class of 2024!

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