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Holsinger Wedding - 08/28/21

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog. Last week I did a very small and intimate backyard wedding in Broadway for a sweet couple - Jennifer and Steven! Steven had reached out to me a few months ago and asked about my customizable wedding packages, and we were able to create a package perfect for what they needed to capture their big day. I was so excited to meet them both in person, because you could tell they had big, bright personalities just through email, and those personalities definitely shined through on their wedding day!

If I had to pick just one word to describe Steven and Jennifer's wedding, I would immediately pick excitement! They were both so excited to finally say "I do" that their entire ceremony was spent with laughter, and you could feel how excited Jennifer was when she spoke, because she would bounce and smile the whole time! I was also mesmerized by how you could just feel their love for one another. Jennifer had decided they wanted to do a first look before the ceremony, which was before we had arrived, and yet Steven was still beaming the moment she walked down the aisle as if it was the first time he had ever seen her all over again. Jennifer's aunt walked her down the aisle and carried a beautiful white rose in memory of her father who passed away, and they also had an in memory table where they placed photos of her father with white rose petals. It was a beautiful way to include her late father in their wedding day!

With the package we had customized for them, they had chosen to only have the ceremony and their portraits after instead of including getting ready photos or the reception. Fortunately, that gave us plenty of time to take their portraits, and it is so nice when you have the time to execute many different poses and not be too rushed trying to make it to the reception so everyone can eat! Their guests were just family and close friends, so it also gave us the chance to get a professional posed photo of them with each guest that had attended. Normally, there is no way to do that and we do candid photos of everyone at the reception instead, but an intimate wedding at your home certainly has perks! They also spoke about how they were so excited to finally be sharing this new home together, and told me about the adventures they can't wait to head out on in the future as a married couple!

Even though I normally try to avoid shooting in mid day lighting, we did their portraits right around 12:00 under a shady tree with their yard and blue skies making a gorgeous background! After Steven and Jennifer executed all of the poses I had in mind for their portraits, they requested to do some funny poses as well. Steven was happy to sport Jennifer's bouquet while she hiked up her dress to represent just how hot it was that day. They had plenty of their own ideas too, and their guests chipped in to throw some of their flower petals around them for a literal "flower shower" in some of their photos. I'm so thankful that they chose me to be their photographer and also to be able to feature them on the blog today. I hope they had a beautiful and relaxing honeymoon in the Great Smokey Mountains this week!

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