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Halloween Boudoir Mini Sessions

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Happy Sunday and happy Halloween! I love Halloween, I have different traditions and celebrations with my boyfriend, best friends, and family. This year I have been able to partake in all of the same things as usual including Halloween movie binge watching (Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus? that's the age old question!) as well as going to King's Dominion's Halloween Haunt and carving pumpkins! Fall brings more than just cute celebrations for myself and any photographer in this area, it is by far the busiest season of the year! Everyone enjoys the beautiful color of the leaves and nice weather, and I had many people who told me they were interested in doing Halloween boudoir sessions. I loved the idea of this, it gave me a lot of creative control and it was a really interesting (and sexy!) way to celebrate Halloween this year.

I'm not able to share many photos from the sessions in order to respect my customers privacy, but I definitely want to write some about the process and all of the fun things about them! I had originally planned on a very simple set up, and since I wanted to do them outdoors I had to make sure I could get creative with posing and props. My favorite part of all of them was the smoke bombs that I purchased to incorporate into the photos. They added an extra element and were definitely a favorite thing for my customers as well! I had a variety of colors and either had my customers holding them or put them in one of the jack-o-lanterns that my best friend Eric was kind enough to carve for me (my carving skills are a little bit below sub-par, I'll admit.) My mom and boyfriend also built that arbor themselves for me to use! I got the idea for the arbor kind of last minute and was worried that if I ordered one it wouldn't have arrived in time for the sessions, so they took the task of building one and had it done in about 3 days. They both were happy to let me know that it was not an easy task, but definitely worth it in the end for what it added to the photos.

My customers came along with some super cute outfits, from sexy Halloween costumes, lingerie, long black sheer skirts, tights with skulls on them, masks, and one girl even did her makeup to look like bat wings around her eyes which was so cool! The most challenging part was definitely doing them outdoors. Boudoir sessions come more easily when you are using a bed or in the comfort of ones home, but for the Halloween theme the outdoors was the perfect backdrop for us. Regardless of the location, each girl or couple executed the poses perfectly and ended up with gorgeous photos showcasing the beauty of their bodies!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in these this year. It was my first year doing them so everything was a bit of a learning process. I definitely considered it a huge success and hope to do more next year!

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