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Hailey - ERHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday everyone, this means it's time for another #SeniorSunday Spotlight. This week I'm featuring Hailey, a senior at ERHS and someone who has been like family to me our entire lives! We grew up in the same church and our families have been very close for many years. I did her brothers senior photos and their family photos in the past, so it was only natural that she be a part of my team this year!

Mine and Hailey's story - both personal and with photography - start way before her senior year, but for the sake of making sure this is actually a senior spotlight, I will be sharing all about our year so far together! Usually, my seniors reach out to me in order to apply, but I actually talked to Hailey shortly before I opened applications up to let her know that I really wanted her to be a part of my team. Every year I typically have a few people on my team that have been a part of my business for a while, and these seniors make a huge difference in the dynamic of the team! It helps me and everyone involved be more comfortable when beginning our year, and it doesn't take long at all for everyone to feel like a small family. Hailey and my other ambassador Emily were those girls this year, and the fact that they are already friends and attend the same school made for smooth sailing at our meet and greet - where we got so many gorgeous photos to start their senior years out right!

Hailey's first personal session embodied everything I could ask for out of a summer session. We had blue skies, sunshine, gorgeous weather, and 3 really cute locations to work with! We started out down by the river, where Hailey was happy to walk through the water and splash around to get sweet candid photos. She also brought a super adorable hat with her, which is the perfect example of how the small accessories can add so much to a session! We also went to downtown Dayton, and when we realized that the laundromat right in the middle of town was open, we popped in to do some photos in there. Her mom Jill was so patient while pushing her around in the little laundry carts to capture the perfect photo. We finished up her session at Pebble Hall Wildflower Farm, which always has breathtaking views and so many flowers that were at peak bloom!

One of the perks of being on my ambassador team is the opportunity to select their session dates before most seniors have already booked. This means that my ambassadors this year had their fall sessions during the peak color time for leaves. I also found this year, that even after things had started dying the brown colors were beautiful as well, particularly in a big field with views for miles! Hailey and I did three locations for her fall session, but my favorite was definitely Skyline Drive. We went to big meadows and her super cute dress matched the location perfectly. We also went to one of my favorite overlooks, because you can walk a short trail and come to a rocky outcropping that looks much better in photos than the paved pull off at the overlook. Once again, we were blessed with great weather and views and ended up with beautiful results!

This evening, my ambassadors and I are meeting to do our secret Santa exchange! Each girl drew a name of another and purchased gifts for them, and I also got them a little something to spread some Christmas cheer. I am so thankful that I have an amazing team that is enjoying and participating in our year to the fullest extent! Head back to the blog next week to read all about another local senior that I have had the pleasure of working with!

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