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Gracie - BHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm back for another week of #SeniorSunday Spotlights, and for my second week of Class of 2022 spotlights I am sharing about my ambassador Gracie. Gracie found me through 2 of my Class of 2021 ambassadors that she cheered with. I had actually selected a lot of my ambassadors early on this year because I had so many loyal past customers who wanted to join the team, so Gracie was the last ambassador I selected and from the minute I received her application I knew she was going to be the perfect representative and addition to my team!

Involved, Passionate, & So Much Fun!

They say that first impressions are the most important part of any type of relationship, and I personally have always hoped that's not true because I am eternally awkward and accidentally loud, but in Gracie's case her first impression to me spoke volumes about who she is as a person and how she would fit in on my ambassador team! One of the questions I ask my ambassadors on their application is "If you could give advice to a child just entering school, what would you say to them?" I receive a lot of answers about being kind, enjoying the community and your years of being young, but the most common answer I get is to get involved in your school whether it be sports, clubs, or just attending events and being supportive of your school community.

Gracie's answer reflected this as well, and she puts a lot of importance on making great memories and appreciating your time in high school! My favorite part of her response though, was that she doesn't just say the words; she also lives by them. As a cheerleader at Broadway, a member of DECA, and a youth leader at her church she not only is a leader in her community but also shows her support for others as well! When I'm looking for ambassadors I keep an eye out for 3 things: they are kind first and foremost, involved in any of their own unique ways whether it be sports, clubs, or just hobbies, and they will be able to advertise for my business and represent it well. Gracie checked all of these 3 things before I even met her. Meeting her and working with her at our meet and greet was absolutely my pleasure, but I hope the photos I delivered to her ended up being hers!

I know that Gracie and I have an amazing upcoming year full of photo sessions and hopefully some great food and happy shared memories! I also can't wait to follow along to see where her final year of cheerleading takes her, as well as her participation in DECA and her hopeful acceptance into a dental hygienist school that she is wanting to obtain a future career!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my Class of 2022 #SeniorSunday spotlights! I have been scheduling more senior sessions in addition to my ambassadors for this summer and will be back in the next few weeks to spotlight so many amazing women from different schools. I hope everyone has a great week!

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