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Gilkerson Wedding - 10/23/21

Happy Sunday! Yesterday Kaity and I got to photograph Courtney & Jared's wedding - a sweet couple we met a few years ago at another wedding. Courtney reached out to me to book awhile back and I was so excited that she had chosen us. I remembered working with her and Jared when they were a bridesmaid and groomsman in the Diehl wedding and could not wait to work with them as bride and groom!

Courtney and Jared chose a beautiful location for their wedding and also had a beautiful day to go along with it. The sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature, and everyone showed up ready to celebrate their love! Kaity and I had enough time before the ceremony to get detail photos of the ceremony and reception area and just soak in the beauty of it all. We both knew we were going to have a wonderful day ahead of us!

Their ceremony began at what I think was the perfect time - about 2 hours before sunset. It gave us great lighting for the ceremony as well as enough time to get those golden hour portraits done before they entered their reception. Everything about their ceremony was so beautiful! The entire time I felt so much happiness for them and what their future will hold. I can't wait to share more of their ceremony photos!

My favorite part of any wedding is the portraits. Courtney and Jared gave us so much time to work on their portraits before and after the ceremony, which allowed us to capture so many beautiful photos for them! I can easily say these photos are some of my favorites I've ever taken at a wedding, the lighting and location were all I could ever ask for, as well as having the opportunity to take our time in order to get the best results!

I can also say that it makes our job so easy when we get to work with a bridal party like theirs. Everyone was willing to do any of the ideas I threw at them, and they all helped out so much behind the scenes as well! We could not get through a wedding day if it wasn't for bridesmaids that help fluff dresses or groomsmen that constantly move things for us. Everyone's great moods and happiness shine through on the camera!

We had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of the reception while also taking photos of each important event and some candids throughout the night of everyone having fun celebrating the newlyweds! It had such a laid back and fun vibe which allowed us to enjoy ourselves and get great photos in the process. Courtney and Jared ended their night with a sparkler send off, which is my personal favorite!

Thank you to Courtney and Jared for sharing your day with us. It was a beautiful event that left both Kaity and I so happy by the end of the night just to be capturing the love between you two! We both wish you many years of happiness together and hope that you cherish these photos forever!

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