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Gabby - PCMHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Happy Sunday and welcome back to another week of #SeniorSunday Spotlights! I missed last weeks because I was really sick for a few days, so I am going to double up this week. My first post is highlighting Gabby, a senior at Pendleton County High who was completely stunning throughout her entire session!

A Senior Session Extravaganza

Gabby is one of my closest friend's younger cousins, and one day Maria and I were in my room watching tv and she told me about how her cousin was a senior in high school and hadn't had her senior pictures done yet. Now this was just unacceptable to me, because I have a true belief that every senior needs a fun photo session to not only document their senior year, but also to have a few hours just to have fun, relax and escape from the stress that high school can add. So I was immediately on the path to making sure we could book Gabby's senior photos as soon as possible! We found a day in April that worked and spent the next few weeks planning out how to make these photos represent Gabby as best as we could.

Gabby is so unique and her fashion represents that so well. She came to her session with multiple outfits that were so much fun and plenty of matching accessories (which lets be honest, sometimes that makes the outfit!) and I had a feeling that downtown Harrisonburg would be the best place to go to match Gabby's personality and fashion sense. We did a few on the top of the parking deck and even some by the cute pink walls of Bella Gelato, but my favorite shots were the ones we did by Wonder, a skate shop with black walls and huge glass windows. As the sun got lower over the buildings downtown, it reflected in those windows and we had a backdrop for success. Then Gabby changed into her prom dress and we brought out the balloons, and that successful backdrop provided even more great photos like the one above!

After downtown we went to the JMU campus, because even though Gabby won't be attending the university, campus is beautiful and the stonework and nature there is perfect for any type of session - not just college grads! The trees were blooming and we took a more artistic approach to these photos, instead of focusing on the area around us and "pristine" photos, we captured more close-ups of Gabby with unique angles, and we incorporated the trees and buildings into these photos as best we could! Gabby also did a few on campus with her prom dress, in an area with gorgeous columns on each side. Throughout her session, Gabby was a natural in front of the camera, mastering every pose I gave her and being so cooperative with every idea I had (even if it sounded crazy!)

This wraps up another Senior Sunday Spotlight on the blog! Working with Gabby was so much fun and I know I will be sharing the photos from her session for a long time to come. Today Kaity and I will be in our nation's capital having our own photos done to showcase on social media and our website! I don't often get in front of the camera, so I am super excited to have professional photos of us for everyone who follows our business to see the personalities of the girls behind the camera! You can be on the lookout on social media and the website for these photos within the next few weeks. Have a great week everyone, and I'll be back next week with another senior spotlight and also my very first blog about a wedding we are photographing!

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