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Emily - ERHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday everyone! We have made it to the day I've been talking about for quite some time - my very first Class of 2022 #SeniorSunday Spotlight! I'll be starting the spotlights off with my ambassador Emily, whom I have been photographing since she was only in 8th grade. We have done multiple sessions together with her family in the past 5 years, so I was more than excited to have her join my team of ambassadors for her senior year.

From Back Stage to Front & Center

When I met Emily, she was playing the role of Michael Banks in my high school's production of Mary Poppins. I was a senior then, and had taken online classes to finish early so that I could focus on building my photography business before I graduated. I had been recruited to do the promotional photos for the musical and I was immediately blown away by how talented, kind, and funny Emily was! It was a pretty big deal to have a leading role as an 8th grader, and showed real talent for her to play a boys role at that. I enjoyed working with her then and was even more excited when her family booked me for their family photos later that year! I had done her cousins senior photos that year and ended up doing 2 more family sessions for them before it was finally Emily's time in the spotlight - her senior photos!

When I first opened up my applications for my ambassador program I immediately reached out to Emily to see if she was interested in the program. I was so excited when she said yes! I knew that it would be beneficial and fun to have someone that I have worked with for so many years on my ambassador team. It makes my job seem effortless, and having Emily who is so comfortable in front of my camera to represent my business is truly an honor on my part. Emily has so many big plans in the future, she wishes to attend college in Virginia for a Biology degree and one day become a physicians assistant. She also keeps herself so busy throughout the year, with two different sports (including travel softball in the summer!) and lots of casual fun activities like traveling, singing, cooking, and just spending time with friends and family.

Emily and I still have a whole year of great photos ahead of us, and I cannot wait to share those with anyone! Unfortunately they didn't make it into her blog post since she is my first senior featured, but I will be sharing them all over social media once we do her upcoming sessions. I believe I'm most excited to do her softball photos, I love doing softball senior portraits, and it offers us so much creative freedom to represent the sport she loves so much! I've also been booking fall sessions recently for both my ambassadors and other customers, and I know myself and everyone else are all so excited for the colorful fall leaves, crisp weather, and cute outfits that will come alive in front of my camera! I don't want to get ahead of myself though, summer is my favorite season and I definitely have a lot more beautiful sessions to capture and share with everyone before the summer is over!

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