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Danielle - BHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's #SeniorSunday Spotlight is on Danielle, a senior at Broadway High School who I worked with back in September to capture her perfect senior photos! I could tell right away when we began scheduling her session that we were going to work well together, but even that didn't prepare me for how sweet and kind Danielle is! She made my job so much fun, and we spent our evening together capturing gorgeous photos with ease.

One of the biggest parts of Danielle's life is her faith, so it was only natural that her first location for her photos was at her church. She also has a passion for music, so we started her session out inside her church, where she took some photos with the piano. She also played a little bit for me, and she has such a talent for creating beautiful music! It felt like an amazing start to her session for me to be able to witness such a big part of her life, and when my sessions involve such personal elements, I find that the photos come out better than even I had imagined. She also brought her sweet and cute little dog to take photos with her! I love all animals, and every session where someone brings a pet is guaranteed to be so much fun. Danielle's pup was ready to model, too, and was looking perfect in each photo she was in.

After taking photos at Danielle's church, we went to downtown Harrisonburg for her next location. When my customers are choosing their locations, there are about 10 downtown options that I frequent. Harrisonburg is a very popular one, and the age, welcoming demeanor, and beautiful architecture of the city makes it easy to understand why. Danielle was very appreciative and excited about the hidden and beautiful architecture the most! We took advantage of columns, arches, murals, and many other gorgeous spots throughout downtown that were perfect to use for her photos. She also did some photos with her mom here as well, and I always love when a senior incorporates their parents into a few photos during a session! They always become important and cherished photos (that are perfect for a Mother's or Father's Day post every year.)

For Danielle's last location we went to Storybook Trail on the top of New Market mountain. We arrived at the perfect time as well, because when doing photos at any elevated spot it is very important to be there right at sunrise or sunset to make sure that the sun isn't too harsh. The last thing I want in a photo is crazy shadows or squinting eyes! Danielle's photos had beautiful color in the background, because we had one of those late summer gorgeous, colorful sunsets that day. I also loved the burnt orange-red dress that she chose to wear for this location, as it went perfectly with the background of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the setting sun. Storybook Trail also has so many rocky outcroppings to sit on that provides an extra detail to the photos to make them even more beautiful. Working with Danielle was such a pleasure, and I'm so glad we had great results!

Today was my last day of Christmas mini sessions, so I will be working hard to get those edited and out in time for everyone to enjoy them for Christmas! I'll also be back on the blog next Sunday with another spotlight on an amazing local senior that I've had the pleasure of working with!

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