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Class of 2022 Senior Ambassador Trip

Happy Sunday! This week begins the start of my Class of 2022 blog features. Next week I'll begin my #SeniorSunday Spotlights, but for today I'm going to share with you all my Class of 2022 Senior Ambassador meeting that we had last Sunday. I welcomed 6 new ambassadors to my team and we started their senior year off right with a meet and greet and photoshoot!

6 Amazing Ambassadors - 1 Photographer

Last Sunday was a hot one, but I had planned out a trip for my senior ambassadors for months in advance. Before they even submitted their applications I had already selected a date and location for the trip - the Cranberry Glades, a place that I loved to visit before I ever even did a photo shoot there. I knew that this time of year it would be lusciously green and full of life. Then, the day of, it was calling for rain at the glades and we had to come up with a new plan. I decided to ask my ambassadors for their opinion, and we decided together to do our session at Willow Spring Farm. At first I felt bad that my ambassadors wouldn't get to experience a trip like most other groups in the past, but eventually I realized we had made a great decision. Not only did Willow Spring have everything we needed; we had enough time after the session to all go out to dinner together at El Charro!

I am so happy that I get to do individual blog posts for each of these girls, because to be honest we took so many great photos that I never would have been able to fit it all into one blog post. We started our day off with each girl receiving their gift bags, which included a t-shirt, 10 discount cards, some delicious cookies made by The Cookie Palate, and a senior style guide created by me to give them some pro tips on how to make their senior portraits perfect for them! It also included the confetti poppers that I wanted to include into their group photo. I love a good confetti popping photo so to be able to incorporate that into their big group photo made me really excited and I loved the result! I did group photos of the girls in their t-shirts and then in their casual outfits before we moved on to their individual photos. At this point we were all hot but so pumped up and excited!

The time we took to do individual photos was so much fun and easily one of my favorite parts of not just this ambassador meet and greet. but all of them. This is the time where I get to know each girl a little better, and the other girls get to hang out and cheer each girl on as well as talk amongst themselves and make new friends within the team! Each girl brought a few super cute outfits and we utilized as many different areas of the farm as we could. Currently the farm has a lot of really beautiful flowers, and we were able to incorporate those into the photos that you will be seeing in the next 6 weeks as I share a spotlight on each ambassador. I know that my upcoming year with this team is going to be spectacular - as fun as it is beneficial for my business. The purpose of having an ambassador team is to have people who will help bring in more seniors for me to photograph as well as give me amazing content to share, and I know that if I already have hundreds of great photos and some new seniors on my calendar that were referred by my ambassadors only a week after our meet and greet, that this year has a good chance of being one of my greatest yet. I have been so blessed and happy since going back into photography full time, so it means the world to me to know that my journey as a photographer is just beginning - there is so much more beauty and fun for me to photograph waiting in the future!

Here's to the Class of 2022, and another school year of featuring the amazing seniors that I work with!

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