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Christmas Mini Sessions

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas! Since Christmas fell on a Saturday my post is a day after, but I'm happy to be able to share a few gorgeous photos from one of my most popular mini session events of the year, my Christmas mini sessions. I host them each year at Willow Spring Farm, and the owners Lindsey and Kevin always create a beautiful set up in their barn for photographers to use for Christmas photos. I love that it's different every year, as opposed to when I did photos at a Christmas tree farm. It gives my customers who come back yearly a whole new beautiful design and set up to look forward to!

What I had originally planned to be 2 dates of Christmas minis quickly turned into 5 dates and 30 sessions! Blessed for the holidays would be an understatement in this situation, because this year was more successful for me than any year in the past. I did my first round of sessions towards the end of November, which is always a popular time for them because people plan to use their photos to send out for Christmas cards or give out as gifts. In two short days I worked with so many great people! Families, couples, siblings, and even a few furry friends (whom I love including in my sessions.) It was also easy to see that the set up for this year was a huge hit! Willow Spring did a bed set up with a backdrop that looked so natural it felt as if you were in your own home. I had customers decked out in pajamas or dressed in their Sunday best, and every single one of them looked so great!

Another thing to brag about is how many different options are available for use inside the barn. It isn't ginormous, but Lindsey and Kevin leave nothing untouched, so each nook and cranny is photographable! This photo of Kaylee and Kaleb was taken in a little corner space tucked in behind the bed, where they had gorgeous greenery set up, and you can see the lights from the barn twinkling in the background. I always have customers who will point out their favorite parts, or even come up with an idea that I hadn't previously thought of, and those are some of my favorite moments! I try my hardest to guarantee to my customers that their photos will be unique and feel personal to them, but one of the main ways I have to achieve that is by having my customers share their thoughts, ideas, and input with me! That way we can collaborate together, and both be happy with the results.

I definitely want to extend a huge thank you to all of my wonderful customers that came out for Christmas minis this year. Whether you do them every year, are a returning customer from a different session, or this was our first time working together, it was an amazing time! Christmas minis truly bring out my holiday spirit, and because of them I am able to give my family a wonderful Christmas too - especially my younger brothers, who I'm told are spoiled by me. Whether it was a warm day, cold day, we were chasing dogs, kids were chasing chickens, or we were surprising kids with a special appearance from the Grinch, it was truly magical. I never imagined that I would or even could be the type of person to help spread joy and memories between families and loved ones, but I love it and would not trade it for the world!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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