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Alyssa - BHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Welcome back guys and gals and thanks for continuing to check in on Sundays to read my blog!

This week's blog post is special because today is my ambassador Alyssa's 18th birthday, so this senior Sunday spotlight will be hers. Alyssa and I have worked together for SIX years now, so if you're nostalgic like I am - grab the tissues for this.

Over The Years - Memories Made and Captured With Alyssa

In 2015, Alyssa won a pageant in Elkton that had a free mini shoot with me included in the prize package. I had never met her before, but her mom Lindsey reached out to me almost immediately to book her session. I was very new to the photography scene and even newer to the pageantry scene; I hadn't even graduated high school yet, had recently gotten my license, and didn't have very many photo shoots under my belt. Regardless of all that, Alyssa and Lindsey seemed very excited to work with me, and I didn't know it yet but that one session was going to lead to many years of experience and a great friendship for me.

As the years passed, any time I needed a model I would reach out to Alyssa, and she often reached out to me for title portraits, family photos, and birthday sessions. I have hundreds of photos from my sessions with her, and the hardest part of writing this was choosing which photos to include! I ended up deciding on a photo from our first session together, one from her 16th birthday session, and one from when we recreated that session for her 18th birthday last week. Alyssa and I had to laugh at the fact that we seem to keep coming back to downtown Harrisonburg for her photos, but when something continues to produce great results, why change it?

Last Thursday, Alyssa and I met right at golden hour to do her 18th birthday photos and some of her senior photos. Per usual, I was in love with the outfits she had chosen and excited to be able to re do some of the photos we did for her 16th birthday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we found some new locations to do photos at as well - including on top of a parking deck with a breathtaking view of court square. Alyssa helped me make a TikTok of her session, since I'm completely new and clueless to that social media world (but trying to learn!) I couldn't have asked for better results. The style of these photos are so modern and the lighting was exactly what I would have imagined it to be.

Alyssa's Senior Year as an Amaze Photography Ambassador

When I was looking for ambassadors last year for the Class of 2021, Alyssa was first to come to mind, and I had talked to her as early as her freshman year about my ambassador program. At the time she was reigning Miss High School America, and I was so worried that due to her busy schedule she would be unavailable for the program, but I talked to her and Lindsey about it and they were ready to make it work! They attended the cookout and photo shoot last July where we got some great shots of Alyssa by the weeping willow trees in the park, as well as down by the river. With how crazy last year had been, we didn't get the chance to do another session until her photos this past week. I was just able to get them all finished up and am happy to share some of them here on the blog before they even make it to social media!

I want to wrap this blog post up by just thanking Alyssa for being a great model and a great friend. I'm thankful for every crazy session, time spent watching basketball games together, and late night texting either planning our next shoot or just talking about life. You've helped me come so far in my business and I know the future will just keep getting better - happy birthday!

Thanks to all of my readers this week! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I'll be back next Sunday to showcase another great senior!

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