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Allison - PCMHS Class of 2021

Updated: May 26, 2021

Happy Easter everybody! I hope everyone's had a relaxing and fun filled holiday today :)

This evening's senior Sunday spotlight is on my ambassador Allison. I have quite the story to tell about her senior session, and even though it took some twists and turns along the way it was worth it all!

Coworkers Times Two

Allison and I go back a few years, to when I first started traveling to West Virginia and became friends with her older sister Haylee, and when I first got my second job over here she was actually my coworker. We worked in the grill together for a few months before covid hit, and we were both laid off. After this Allison moved on to a different job, but we had already discussed having her join my ambassador program for this year. So when the time came she put her application in and became one of two ambassadors from Pendleton County after I moved here! In my mind, all of a sudden we were coworkers again, because I view all of my customers truly as coworkers. They work alongside me, help me to be a better photographer, and give me referrals and reviews for my business! I knew that with Allison as an ambassador we would be able to collaborate together so well. She wasn't exactly sure what she had in mind for her senior photos, so she let me have creative control. It took no time at all to pick the perfect location for this - The Cranberry Glades, and I even loved the results of her photos so much that I chose to use this location for my Class of 2022 Ambassador Trip!

A Little Bit of Redirection

We took off for the glades on the day of her session in time to make it for sunset, which is always the best time to be at the glades and especially to photograph there. She and I rode together, so I put the address into my GPS and off we went. An hour and a half later, we pulled into where it said the Cranberry Glades were and realized it was the wrong place. With no cell phone service, we had to drive to the closest town to find out where we were and where we went wrong! Some nice ladies at a restaurant helped us realize we were an hour away from the glades - not even close to where we thought we were and we had just lost some precious shooting time. So we took off again in the right direction this time, and finally made it to the right location right at golden hour. I knew we'd have to hurry to get the perfect photos, and I don't like rushing a session at all, but Allison went with the flow the whole time and by the end of her session we realized we had gotten the perfect lighting for all of her photos! It had just begun to look like fall at the glades, and her combo of jeans and a cardigan with the peek-a-boo of fall colors had me falling in love with her senior photos. Most importantly, she loved them too! I'm so thankful that even though she was unsure about what to do and how her senior photos were going to go she ended up trusting me to make them everything she wanted. These photos are the perfect representation that even when things seem to be taking a turn in the wrong direction (me, quite literally) in the end it's all worth it! I love having a session that feels like an adventure by the end :)

So marks the end of another senior Sunday spotlight, which gives me so much to look forward to every week! I got to spend today updating my website, accepting senior ambassador applications, and writing another week's blog post - which is a perfect Sunday for me! I hope to have everyone back next week and Happy Easter!

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