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Abi - PCHS Class of 2022

Happy Sunday blog readers! I'm happy to be featuring Abi this week, a senior at Page County High School who decided to use one of my sunflower mini sessions in September for her senior photos. We experienced a beautiful golden hour surrounded by flowers on a summer day in order to achieve gorgeous results! Abi also brought along her big and beautiful personality to the session - which is the most important part of any session and what ensures that the photos truly capture each senior's personality!

Sunflower mini sessions are like a little end of summer treasure that I have each year. The flowers are only in bloom for a few short weeks, and I have to do the sessions right at sunset for the best lighting, so I am only able to do a handful of them. Gorgeous, tall yellow sunflowers and the golden glow from the setting sun makes for such beautiful photos for any occasion - seniors, families, couples, maternity or anything in between! This year, I had a few senior sessions during this time, including Abi who was extremely excited for her session! She told me her sunflower mini session was a "just because" session, and I personally believe that "just because" is as perfect of a reason to have photos taken as any! Abi and I were able to capture so many amazing photos in our 30 minutes together that I am excited to share with you all in this blog post!

One of the most important things about the setting during this session is how well it matched Abi's beautiful personality. I could completely understand why she had wanted a sunflower session as soon as we started working together, because she is the type of girl that radiates light and happiness - which is exactly how I would describe a sunflower field at sunset. She was happy to twirl, walk through the field, laugh, pick flowers and do any pose I asked her to. I try to capture candid photos at all of my sessions, but during Abi's it was easy to get her genuinely laughing and having fun! She even rocked the serious poses I gave her, and we ended up with a few editorial style photos that blended in well with every other photo. It was such a blessing for me to get to work with an amazing girl and take so many beautiful photos all in a 30 minute time span!

I'm happy I was able to feature yet another amazing senior today on the blog! Next week I will be back with a lot of beautiful photos from my Christmas mini sessions to share with you all. Then, I will be enjoying a week's vacation before coming back in 2022 ready to begin another amazing year!

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